Papered Walls

I did it (well, my mom did it)! I am not ashamed and I love the result. I saw it, I loved it and I purchased wallpaper. I will say it again...WALLPAPER! 

Here is the very first picture of our 1st floor bathroom, as our Realtor would call it "Our Powder Room".
Eek, huh? It was dark out and I didn't have the foresight that I would need this "before" picture 2 years down the road.

This is our Powder Room as of this morning.

I know that there are some wallpapering skeptics out there, but I think wallpaper is similar to medicine, it has gotten better with time. I bought this paper at Graham and Brown

Although, I take the credit for Interneshopping, Mamma Kay made the transformation happen.

Thanks Mom!

And thanks to Henry for the finishing work. My employees are so good to me!

Have I made a believer out of you?

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  1. holy crapola. i am obsessed!!! it is the darn cutest thing i have seen in a long, long while! xo.

  2. Looks awesome!!! And your mom is clearly an expert - working around some complicated spots. Good thing she's on the payroll, huh? Great job!

  3. Very cute. Are you going to do a plantation shutter for the window? I had a powder room like that with a window next to the toilet and ordered a half shutter.

    Now I need to go look at wallpaper.

    1. Cindy, I might now. This window does have a custom blind that came with the house but it could be stored in the basement!?

  4. Leave it to Mrs. Lovely to fit that much style into such a tiny room. It is adorable. You have inspired me to consider wallpaper in my house. Is your mother for hire? ;)