Pew Pillow

Our breakfast nook certainly would not be turning into such a cozy little nook without our 50.00 Craigslist church pew find.

Henry fixed it all up with stability legs and paint and I ordered the custom made cushion from none other than the Cushion Source. Their website was super easy to navigate and for a 145.00 I created exactly what I needed.
I picked an indoor/outdoor fabric for durability. Can you imagine all the orange juice and cereal pieces that are going to be spilled over the years? The cover zips off for easy washing and the fabric will not fade from the sunshine. Do you think Cushion Source is hiring?


Can you stand it? So stinkin' cute (get it? Pew! Har har har)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, your pew makeover is very cool - but I still just can't get over those chairs! And it all works so well together!