When in Vegas...

I just got back from a mini vacation in Las Vegas with my best gals from graduate school. We get together every year and are you ready...we take turns making matching shirts! This year was our fifth anniversary and as always we had a great time.

a stroll down memory lane...
BFF I: Camping in Oregon
 BFF II: Newport News, VA
 BFF III: Chicago
 BFF IV: Minnesota
Guess who's turn it was to design the shirts this year?? That's right, my thumbs are pointed backwards. I wanted to do it up, because as you may know Vegas is full of glitz and glam and if we aren't glitzy and glammy, I don't know who is:)

I gathered the supplies and got to work. Oh boy, the girls will be so excited!?

BFF V: Las Vegas
The bride to be in the middle wanted a picture with this attraction...we happily obliged
 so fancy!
 Everyone is a winner in my book!
We packed in a lot of giggles, gossip and tried our best to blend in with the Las Vegas crowd!


  1. Love love love! I'm not sure I'll be wearing my BFF 5 tank while I run errands around Corvallis...but maybe I should? I couldn't possibly attract more attention then we did over the weekend! Thanks for making us so famous =)

  2. This post about the shirts and the trip down memory lane made me smile. Long live BFF! PS: Hey...look! The Palms!