I Pulled the Rug Out From Underneath Us

Remember when I went on and on about the rug of my dreams? If you don't, you can read about it here. I convinced myself that this rug would change my life, that nothing could possibly make me happier. I patiently waited for 2 months, while the rug was on back order, to arrive on my doorstep.

Finally, the week arrived and I realized I just didn't feel the love anymore. I just wasn't into the 430.00 rug purchase. So, after exercising extreme patience, I pulled the trigger and cancelled my order...because I had something else in mind...

hmmm! Do you love it already?
CA-UTE! Are you dying to see more?
Meet our new living room play mat!
 Have you spied the words "Henry" and "Mad Dog"?
Anything goes with a baby on the way!
 We even had enough spares to make two little side tables.
I am super excited about the colorful new addition to our living room. Wanna know what else? We paid 80.00 for this huge play mat compared to the 430.00 rug that was about to leave the warehouse and land on our credit card. 

1. Oh, you spilled? I'll just wipe it up with a paper towel!
2. Letters and numbers pop out for learning
3. When we are ready for an adult rug, we can move this to the patio or playroom or wherever we want!
4. Side tables and colors and fun, oh my!

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