The rug of my life

I never thought I would put so much pressure on myself to find the perfect rug. Perfect Rug=Happy Space. I just love so many; the colors, the sizes, the materials. There must be a support group for this kind of thing. Certainly there are others out there who surf the Internet hours on end looking for the rug that instantly steals your heart. Some of you must lose sleep over the anxiety of picking out the perfect rug to rest your feet while you are enjoying Reality TV.

Just when I thought it would never happen to me. Maybe it just wasn't in the cards for me to find a rug I could settle down with. After all, women who never find the perfect rug are still able to adopt other household items that make them happy. I already have Henry, Stella and a couch that I love. Maybe I am just asking for to much.

Then it happened, when I least expected it. My friend, Amanda, invited me over to her office and that's when I met Lourdes Sanchez Bull's-Eye Rug ( you can just call him Lourdes for short). It was love at first site.
Isn't he beautiful? Can you picture him resting in the same room with Pear Sofia?

Lourdes will be featured in the lounging portion of the room with our new chaises. Lourdes is a large 8x8 foot, wool beauty and although he won't be here until May (back ordered, boo), it gives us time to prepare for his stay. Our next baby throw rug will certainly be named Amanda, thanks for introducing us.


  1. Aww, I am flattered!! Love you guys... muah.

  2. i am a Spanish girl who I discovered your blog and I'll be pleased but I have been a problem I do not understand English, you could install on your blog google translator so I select Spanish and read your text while watching the pictures. What would you do for me? well as more non-English speaking people may understand what you explain in your blog. I hope you do. Bss and I'm still ...

  3. Josefa,
    Yo estaria feliz hacer eso en mi blog. Por favor, me puedes dar instrucciones como poner el "translatortool" en mi blog? Yo no se como hacerlo. Gracias por leer!


  4. I have searched the internet for hours on end to find the perfect rug. I found the one I loved at World Market but was crushed to learn that they don't ship overseas, that's when I began my search. All I could commit to was bookmarking some online rug merchant sites. I remember looking at 'Lourdes' for awhile.