spray it, don't say it!

There is nothing a little spray paint won't cure. Feeling down? Take two coats and call me in the morning!

After tackling our new backsplash, the old almond color outlet covers were not going to cut it. Sure, there was nothing functionally wrong with them, but the color was all wrong.

I insisted we make a trip to Menard's to replace our outlet covers with stainless steel before checking the backsplash project off our list. I packed up all the old outlet covers to make sure we got what we needed. Check, check, check, oop...This big guy only comes in white and almond...
My solution...
I am sure you are wondering where all the magic happens. I have claimed a corner room in the basement as my very own.
Visitors beware, nothing ever comes out the same way it went in. (Notice the items on deck:) I also thought I should mention that with baby on board, I can only be found with a spray can in hand looking like this...I am willing to do whatever it takes!
The final product...it's certainly not stainless, but beats the pants off white and almond!
Had I known how well it would turn out, I would have spray painted all the plates and saved myself 9.27 and a trip to the hardware store!


  1. ugh, i see the mirror. i am sad i gave you back your mirror (even though i technically stole it...blame henry, right) xoxo. looks fantastic!

  2. Hi nice to meet you, I am a Spanish girl who discovered your blog and I love what I've read good read whole have not seen your pictures and I wrote a post where I begged you to install the google translator to understand what you say, please but you know what I'm talking about looking at my blog under the header image and you'll see, I am fan of many blogs that if you have and easy to understand your comments muho thing is that tool but I do not understand English .. Thanks.

  3. Oh man! The back splash looks splendid!!

    p.s. Get to pleasing your readers. *see above comment :)