Henry, Stella and I spent last weekend preparing a short video in hopes of getting a bedroom makeover from an HGTV designer. After an afternoon of fun family filled footage, I wrangled a student to help edit the video. Application finished. Fingers crossed.

Please pick us! Please pick us!


Think happy thoughts, Wizard of Oz style..."Paints and fabrics and rugs, oh my!"

P.S. After all, I am already kind of a big deal in the reality TV world...check out this clip from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. (I am the gal slappin' the high-five at minute 4:25)

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  1. Your high five was cool, but my favorite part of the episode is in the credits when you say, "I've never met a beef sandwich I didn't like." Yep, I'm a HUGE Nikki fan so I'm crossing all of my fingers that HGTV'd will pick you. Good luck!!