GIVEAWAY: Little Bird Decals

Happy Monday!

In celebration of my love for decals and jazzing up the baby's room over the weekend I am giving away 6 little bird decals.

Winner will receive this strip of precious little tweeters
A sneak little peek at the Bambino's room:

The Giveaway low down:
1. Anyone can win, even my mom!
2. Leave a comment on my blog letting me know where you would stick your new feathered friends.
3. I will ship them anywhere, even to Alaska!
4. Bonus Entry: Become a follower and let me know by leaving an additional comment
5. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced Wednesday 3/23

P.S. Tune in all week for the revealing of the baby's new pad


  1. Have you guys watched "Portlandia" yet? It's a very funny/snarky SNL spin-off that fun-lovingly pokes at Portland. They say "in Portland you can put a bird on it and call it art." Which is true. And also why your Portland-adjacent friend should probably be the winner ;)

    The nursery looks great! I am a fan of the gray!

  2. Hey - does having you in my Google Reader count for anything? I'm not a great follower, but I swear I'm a loyal reader. <3

  3. omg, i need these. you know we share a love of birds!!! i would put them in Logi's room...maybe flying in from the window? xoxo, even if i don't get 'em. ha.

  4. ps soooo excited for the big reveal...ohhhhh, on pins and needles!

  5. Well Nikki...you're aware of my TRUE love of decals and birds! So, what would I do with them? Well, I would put one or two on my macbook. One would go in the corner of the back window on my car (his name is Wally). The left over little dudes would travel with me to Florida and be put in my sun room next to our plants. Sounds peeeeerfect.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow birds. A few of them would be perched on a lamp shade. One would be perched above a light switch and the extras would be given to bird loving friends. Keep up the creativity!

  7. I desperately need to decorate Avery's room. I have cube shelves to put on her walls and it would look cute to put little birdies sitting on the shelves. She has a woodsy theme to her room and what would a forest be without a bird or two :)

  8. These are tooo cute!! I'm 16, and I looove your blog! It's gotten me super inspired in my own home, which my mom and I both decorate together (great mom, huh!). I would put those cute little things in my bathroom, which needs a little punch of something. We just got new floor in my bathroom, and I want to redecorate it so it all flows the beautiful new floor!
    Could you post up more crafts that you do? I saw the star you did and I'm going to make it for my house. Love your blog!

    My mom and I are ordering the same decal backsplash you have in your kitchen! After seeing it on your blog I showed my mom and she FELL IN LOVE. Thanks!!