A little homemade art comin' at you up in here. I thought the baby's room needed one last pop of color. On the war path of refusing to spend much money on decor, I made my own! Are you surprised?

I have really done it this time! I am in love with my own creations:) and couldn't wait to share how you can create art too, for just $9.59!

You certainly don't have to copy my designs but know that you can if you want...popular crafter's saying..."I can make that!"

I had two outdated pics laying around that I wasn't using. So, I gave the frames a face lift. I already had the red spray paint, so I don't count that in my 9.59 money stats...
Finished frames and supplies...

Alphabet stickers and one super cute Martha Stewart bird (french fry not included)...
I laid down all the pieces until I was satisfied with the arrangement and then glued my heart out. Michael's had a variety of die-cut themes. This jungle themed package of 180 pieces cost just 2.99 on sale.

My inspiration comes from some quality alone time in Michael's Craft Store. Sometimes a girl just needs time to browse! 

The craft stats:
-glue, spray paint and frames: own it! I don't count past purchases, it was money well spent.
-white tag board: 2 for .50 each
-package of jungle theme cut outs: on sale for 2.99 
-alphabet: 2 packages on sale for 1.80 each
-bird: 2.00 with a *'50% off coupon on one regular priced item'
-french fry: just cut a strip out of a yellow piece of junk mail

Total: $9.59

* Michaels almost always offers coupons that can be found online. Google 'Michael's Coupon'. Print and save.

P.S. It's almost wedding season...I was featured on a friend's blog sharing money saving wedding tips! Please check it out!

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  1. Nik, I love that you got a feature in another blog. I loved your wedding so much it was nice to bring me back...plus it doesn't hurt that my photo was placed in the blog....AWESOME! Love the artwork for the little bambino's room, can't wait to see it in person!

  2. That is an absolute hoot! Love that saying. It's so funny! They're adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How cute, love the sticker arrangement, and the combination of the two together. It looks great! I hope you'll come check my blog out! www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  4. In a world of Sils and Cricuts, the sticker gets lost. Viva la sticker.

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice...

  5. This is sooo ute! Love it! Loving your blog too...I'm your newest follower :). You have a beautiful home!