Big Art, Little Cost

Back when I ordered the number decals for our stairs, the original set that was sent was too big, so they said I could keep them. Wahoo! I considered that as good as taking a dip in Willy Wonka's Chocolate River.

I knew I would figure out a good use for a second set of numbers in our house. Baby's gotta learn to count.

During my mom's weekend visit we created this big collage of art for the Bambino's Bedroom.

I used decals for the numbers (of course), but it's not necessary, craft store numbers, a big fat permanent marker and stencils or computer printed numbers would work just as dandy.

Ply Wood cut in squares, I used approximately 12"x12" 
Scrap Book Paper
Smaller Scrap Book Paper 
Spray Glue
Paper Cutter
 We measured the paper to fit the board, because they were not all exactly 12"x12"
 Lay out the designs as you like...
Spray Glue. First the big sheet and then the little. We didn't get fancy with centering the matte paper, we just eyeballed it. If the off center paper bothers the baby we have bigger problems.
 Apply numbers...
 Hanging Strategy. Measure, level, hammer, measure...forget it. We eyeballed these too:)
 Here's hoping for a child prodigy!

The stats:
Over 3 foot by 3 foot of art for approximately 25.00
Boards from Home Depot, plus they cut them: 14.00
Big Paper: 5.00
Little Paper: 2.00
Spray Glue: Already owned it, who doesn't?
Numbers: Mine were free (yippee), but I am sure you can find them for cheap
Hanging Hardware (I like the hardware you just pound right in, no little nails or wire to mess with): 4.00

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  1. Ok, I am now convinced that you really could do this full-time (for money, selling your ideas). You are so creative! AND, I haven't had the chance to congratulate you yet, Mrs. Lovely! Congrats on your exciting news!!

  2. Simply adorable, Nikki! Are you available for hire?

  3. See? "Lovely Interior Design." I can see the yellow page ads now. This could be your true calling. I'm just saying'. ;o)

  4. Very Cute, Nikki! And, Congats and the upcoming arrival!! :)

  5. Your bambino is lucky. That art work is very striking against the grey wall...