Rocked it- again!

I finished the back cushion for the rocking chair. I know, I know, were you starting to think it would never get done? Just teasing, I am a crafting machine!

I was unable to find a foam bed pillow, so I ran into our local fabric store and picked up a big piece of foam. Foam happened to be 40% off, lucky me! 3 minutes and $8.00 later, I was back in the car. I am a girl on a mission!

Ooh snugly!

From the top...

Making a conscious effort to use what we already have. Meaning, we won't be spending our hard earned bucks on one of these, but instead planned on cozifying (it's a word! feel free to use it:) this classic wood rocker my mom gave me.
 The material, an old throw pillow and old and dirty chair pillow...

 I doubled up the back foam...
 Measuring is not my style. I just jammed it in place and got busy with the scissors...
 "Rock-a-bye, baby in the tree top"...
 Precious, meaningful and cheap:)

The Stats:
Chair- Free
Seat Pillow- Free (I will be replacing Henry's office chair cushion soon:)
Back Foam- 8.00
Throw Pillow- Free (I bought a load of them from garage sales a few years ago to cover)
Yellow Throw Pillow Fabric- 2.99/yd
White Chair Fabric- 3.99/yd x 2

Total- 19.00ish. Which means, I saved the family 831.00, according to me! Can I get a "What! What!"


  1. Nikki, thanks for your comment on my blog. I feel like a celebrity stopped by. Blessings to you as you decorate today!