Two Zone Living

I finally did it, I made the trip back to Ikea to plead my 'wrong slip cover' case. I went in with my sweetest voice and in return was treated very well. Between Spencer (the customer service representative) and I we negotiated a 75.00 gift card. Considering, I didn't want to have to put Ikea on my black list (and convince all of you to never shop there again), I was happy with the agreement and spent the next 3 hours shopping my gift card away. You can imagine I spent a little more than that, but was thrilled to have an extra 75 bones in my pocket. I would also like to mention that Spencer pulled the new slipcovers out of the box to confirm they were the right fit, pulled up directions on MapQuest to help me get to Trader Joe's after my Ikea visit, gave me the 411 on how to contact him directly next time (next time, yikes?!) and stored my items in his office for the afternoon so I could enjoy a hands free shopping experience.

The best thing about Ikea...Spencer! lub dub lub dub:)

Scoring the right slipcovers completed the furniture needs for our Two Zone Living Room; TV Zone and Fireplace Zone:
 Our old way of living before we were blessed with this, this and now the chaises, could it get any better?
 Our TV Nest! Only 1.5 more months until this arrives, oh boy oh boy. Things are really coming together.

The rug below is acting like a place holder until our back ordered rug arrives. 
 Imagine colorful pillows and throws to brighten up and draw together the spaces. Can you picture it?
It may appear that we own 15 faux sheep skins. The truth is we own two; one for the adorable factor and one for the world's cutest Shitzu, our Princess Stella.

P.S. Tune in tomorrow to see how I spent my 75.00 Ikea gift card.

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