"Just paint it"

The choices, so many choices: chalk board paint, neon paint, spray paint, primer and paint in one, metallic paint, stainless steel paint, paints for plastics, metals and wood, glitter paint, finger paint and let's not forget puffy paint!

The best part about paint is the small cost to create big impact.

We did not hold back in the painting project department when it came to the place our little Bambino would rest their pretty little head...

The baby's dresser...

 That's better! The knobs and pulls are in the midst of getting a makeover too.
 The baby's mirror...

Seriously, so cute!
 The baby's doors...

 Chalkboard! Who wants to play school?

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  1. ugh, i still die over that mirror. it looks fantastic!!! yay babies room...can't wait to see more. xoxo. oh, what kind of hardware for the dresser? it looks lovely!