Shiny New Knobs

and Pulls. One the my complaints about our kitchen was the cabinet hardware.

I am not a gold girl and I this is also not a stain that I would have chosen for our cupboards. The combination of the two gave me a little twitch every time I was in the kitchen (and I am pregnant, so you can imagine!) Remember when I even took measures to try and give the knobs new life?...check it out here. Not only was it a bust, but opening some of our cupboard without any handles for a few months has been an annoying hassle.

I have since been convinced that painting the cupboards is not a good idea- you heard it here! However, I reserve the right to change my mind if I want:) Anyway, Henry and I both figured new hardware was a better way to give the cupboards new life. We decided on some modern pulls from Ikea.
We saw them in this display, so we knew they would look fab with our blond cabinets. I picked up 54 of them with my 75.00 Ikea bucks, hauled them back and we prepared to make the change. Meaning, my mom took all of our old hardware off the cabinets and scrubbed them all down before I rolled out of bed a couple of Saturdays ago. Ahh! We excitedly pulled a handle out of the package and held it up to one of the drawers only to realize it wasn't the same size and all of the drawers and cupboards previous holes would need to be sanded and re-stained...dun dun dun. So, we didn't do anything and waited for Henry to return home from a trip. 

Since hole filling and re-staining is not in my job description, I let Henry make the final call. After a week of opening all of our hardware-less cupboards with a butter knife the final call ended up looking like this...
One last 'before' photo for a clear comparison:

I think it was the best decision ever! I am so pleased with the decision and the way it turned out. Not to mention, we spent 70.00 less on our final choice. Now we just need to figure out when we are going to return the bag full of hardware to Ikea.

Bonus Knob:
 We Henry knobbed the Laundry Chute!

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  1. Love the new knob selection. Really made a big difference in the look of the kitchen.

    Have a God Filled Day