Battle of the Navy Blue Carpet

The carpet saga continues with the formal navy blue carpet that the previous owners hosed down the house with. Check out the line up here. Since the over dose I feel like I need to cleanse and rid our lives of all the navy blue draping.The following is a picture illustration of how far we've come. Cue the music.

Blue Stairs
 Ahh, Wood Stairs
 Huge Living Room Rug
 Yummy, more Modern Wool Rug
Not So Welcome Rug
 Kapow! Welcome to our Home Rugs
   2nd floor Hallway, more Blue Carpet
Fun Bold Stripe Rug makes 2nd Floor Hallway so much friendlier
For your information this is not the last you will see of the Blue Carpet Blues. Check this out.
This 8'x9' rug is still lurking around trying to establish a working relationship in the house. I will certainly beat this rug down (hehehe) and find something I have an easier time relating to.

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