Big News!!

We painted a room! We have broken the tan spell. There is now a room in our house that is different from all the rest, it is dark gray. OK, the real news is that the dark gray room is going to belong to our baby that is due in July! Surprise! We are not gray that we are having a baby, we are thrilled and want this baby to chill in style. Big plans for this room, big plans. Soon it will be filled with some super cute decor and accessorized with a baby! What more could a girl ask for?

Before. Pay close attention to the chair rail. The original plan was to paint it white, but Henry thought it would be a faster and easier project to just remove it. I did not object. After all, he was the one planning his weekend around a paint brush in hand.
Anyone interested in this light switch plate? You want it, it's yours. Let me know and we can work it out!
Wah wah! There was a strip of wall paper underneath the chair rail, you can imagine the horror. What is that about? 
No strip of wall paper is standing in our way... 
What a difference a coat of paint makes. Love it!
I tried capturing the color as best as possible. I was a little worried when picking a gray that it would have tints of blue or green or brown. I voiced my concerns to the Home Depot fella and he showed me the true black paint sample. Which means this is true gray.
Yes indeed, there are plans for all of this stuff. We hope to tackle some of them this weekend. I live for the weekends and can't wait to share!
Paint the walls. Check. Get rid of chair rail. Check. Replace light fixture (I am pretty certain baby would scoff at this light fixture)...
A special treasure from the Home Owner's Past. We found this behind the radiator. Do you think the previous owner's have realized their forgotten treasure yet? Finders keepers:)
I think baby would approve.

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