Dents and Scratches Rule!

Last Saturday when Henry and I were running errands we made a pit stop at an appliance store. Why? Because we have been on the fence about buying a new refrigerator and our wall oven was on the fritz, more on that in a bit. Low and behold there was a fridge that caught our eye. Not because of the brand but because there was a big fat clearance ticket stuck on the front. We came to find out that somebody else already had the 1199.00 marked down from 1600.00, stainless steel, perfectly dimensioned fridge for our fridge hole on hold.

Our current fridge was tucked away snugly in it's own little cave which made it a challenge to find a fridge with the proper dimensions created in this decade.
Since I performed the initial measurements I was certain we had to buy a Playskool fridge. Fortunately, one of Henry's strengths is measuring, and sure enough we were able to buy a grown up fridge. We called the next day to see if the prospective new owners followed through on their purchase, indeed they did. My dreams of hard ice cream sunk (something our current fridge was not capable of). It takes more than that to defeat us! Henry and I hopped in the car to check out the appliance outlet in town.

It didn't take long to find it...there it was the exact same fridge with a scratch in the side for 999.00. Perfect shmerfect, "We'll take it!"
The fit is perfect, there is no rust inside, it doesn't require more candles in it's Birthday cake than I do and the ice cream I just ate wasn't soupy!
I tried to capture the scratch that afforded us this screamin' deal...no little scratch scares us!
Wait there is more...on the cusp of Henry's budding hunting career he has been hinting at the desire for an extra freezer for his future catch. Heck no, we are not putting our former energy sucking fridge with a teeny tiny freezer in the basement! Instead we snagged this brand new baby freezer for the basement. 
The facts:
Initial Fridge that made me flutter with excitement: 1199.00

Identical Fridge with a wee scratch: 999.00
Mini Chest Freezer: 200.00
Delivery: 45.00
Total: 1244.00, the price of the initial fridge + delivery

Excitement Discount (yes, I get that excited): -30.00
Delivery Discount I finagled: -6.00
Power Company Rebate for Old Fridge: -50.00
Energy Rebate: -25.00

Final Price: $1133.00

Who's jaw is on the ground? Fridge + freezer + delivery + haul away of our old fridge for 66.00 less than the initial fridge! Let your local appliance store know that you want a scratch in your appliance.

P.S. Initially, I wasn't crazy about a bottom drawer freezer. That is until I got the facts: On average we spend 80% of our time in the fridge and 20% of our time getting out the ice cream!

P.S.S. Henry did some online research and fixed our oven back to new! My hero!


  1. You're my hero!

  2. I love my freezer on bottom fridge. Except that the veggie drawer is at the bottom of the fridge (right on top of the freezer), and the veggies keep freezing on me. Not a good thing.

  3. My parents just bought a "freezer on the bottom" fridge. LOVE IT. Seems like the fridge is bigger + they seem to be eating more fruits+veggies because they're at eye-level now. (The power of ideal product placement :) Nikki - you're new home looks amazing and it's a joy to read about your great tips+tricks on deco+home improvements. Can't wait until the snow melts to see what you can do with a yard!