Easy Playful Curtains

You have probably seen a few sneaky peeks of the playroom curtains. What you probably can't tell is that there was not a single needle or thread involved. So easy you should all be shopping for curtain fabric right now. Seriously, so easy I am thinking about teaching Oscar to do it so I can say things like "Go get me some coffee and make your own curtains!"

First, we hung the hardware that I purchased from Ikea. I needed something super long and why fashion something homemade when Ikea already did the work and the price is right.

Get the point?

I set up my whole curtain making operation right inside the playroom.
I cut the 7 panels and ironed a clean edge with a roll of Stitch Witchery . You can find a how-to tutorial here. So easy, I think I might sell my sewing machine.

Did I mention how easy this project was? 


  1. Love it !!! I am going to that store for the first time ever. We are driving three hours to Chicago to experience. My firends tell e to take a trailor.

    1. LuAnn, you should totally scope out the online store first, so you don't feel completely overwhelmed. You should also know that they don't give out bags there, so bring your own. Lastly, if you plan on buying furniture you should for sure bring a trailer, their shipping costs are horrendous. Okay, one more thing...tomorrow I will share how I gave our Ikea Chaises a cheap and easy update!

  2. Perfect! I love the blue and green...feels like you're outdoors even when you're stuck inside 'cause of the cold or rain!