Oscar: Cute Club Member

If there was a club for cute toddlers I think Oscar would be an active member, maybe the President, objectively speaking, of course.

Oscar's very first movie night. The festivities lasted for approximately 8 minutes. 
The cute little dude loves books. Sometimes when I pick him up from daycare (which we call his job) he is sitting in the corner reading books. Melts my heart, especially when the other little employees are running around like zoo animals. It is probably safe to say he is the most mature 1.5 year old in his class.
I thought Oscar would like to help me make banana bread. Good idea, right? Seriously, I only took my eyes off of him for 30 seconds.
Member Alert: VP Tui is in the house and willing to share is mamma, so sweet!
Eichman's x 3
Cousins, Auntie and Grammy oh my!
That's it, just a hodge podge of cuteness.

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  1. he did well for 30 seconds ha ha that is what my lm is like fast and dangerous but totally loveable-love dee x