Ikea Update: Nice Legs

We live on our Ikea Chaises. This nest gets lots of eating, tv, snuggling, climbing, wrestling and jumping. 

Functionally, they are exactly what we need.
Aesthetically, they were just okay. So, we made an 8.00 upgrade to each chaise. We bought these pretty legs for 2 bones each and I stained them the same color as the toy boxes in our family room.
Henry thought it was important that I show you how important it is to keep your Ikea allen wrenches. It was a total thrill for him to pull this out of his "we should save this just in case stash." As always I pretended to be annoyed, but was thinking "thank goodness for Henry's stash!"

We could put these in Oscar's wood block box and nobody would ever know the difference.
See. No joke.
8 bucks kinda classes these chaises up, huh?
I am starting to look at furniture in a whole new way. With just a small and inexpensive touch, these chaises no longer look like everyone else's Ikea Chaises.
Too bad I can't buy myself some new slim and sexy legs for a couple bucks a piece.


  1. wow, i likey! they look all room and board fancy, now! xoxo.

  2. Looks great! You could submit this to the Ikea Hackers website =)

  3. hi i am just new to your blog and i love it.such great ideas i am going to enjoy following your blog-love dee x