Checking In before I Check Out

It's been a little over a month since I have blogged. Time warp for Mrs. Lovely!

Summer has officially started, even though the weather majorly sucks in Duluth, and we are packing the car and driving to Oregon for a month.
That was dramatic, we are not hitting the road because of the weather, although it does suck. We have been planning this trip for months and tomorrow is the day. We are taking Oscar, of course- because he is our child, and Caraline, whom Oscar is obsessed with and we think it will be so fun! Who wouldn't want to drive 30 hours in the car with a near 2 and 4 year old. So fun!
 This is a recent picture of the two of them digging for dinosaur bones. They are fun, right??

After the super fun 30 hour car ride we are looking forward to our beach stay, celebrating Oscar's 2nd Birthday, our stay in the mountains and special time with both of our families and lots of friends, including girl's weekend; BFF VII. You can read more about some of my very favorite Oregon things here.

When we get back, I will get my blog back on. I have lots to share. I have tips about 'renting out your house', 'traveling around Lake Superior with your best pals' and 'our plans for baby no. 2'.

Surprise! I am pregnant. I am about to hit the 14 week mark and slowly starting to get my groove back. I just recently have been able to stay up later than 7PM, even without a nap. Looking at a computer screen and about everything on the planet was making me terribly nauseous. If my constant need to sleep and barf wasn't enough, I already have a mini bump, which is actually just bagels, but people think it's the baby popping out and I don't correct them.

Oscar is thrilled because he thinks the only thing that big brother's do is eat cupcakes.

Henry and I are excited and a little nervous, but now we know that if this baby is even remotely as wonderful as our first baby then good times are in store for the Lovely's.
Father's Day
There you have it, last month and next month, in a nutshell.

PS I have a message for nataliesweeks@gmail.com, I hope you haven't given up on me...You can have the curtains! I tried emailing you back and never got a response. Please be in touch if you are still interested. nikkilolson@gmail.com

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  1. Enjoy your trip!! I'm from the cities and the weather hasn't been much better here- my families from Duluth and they tease me now I know what it is like up there.