I Heart Free Art

While poking around on Pinterest, a website to get good ideas for decorating and crafts galore, I found that some super talented graphic creators are willing to share their work for free! You all know how much a like free.

I downloaded these free images, did I mention they were free? So cute, right?

and ordered the prints through snapfish.com, which cost 2.99 per 8x10 (but I googled "snapfish coupons" and got an extra 25% off plus free shipping) and picked up a couple of 5.00 frames at Michael's. So for a total of 14.48, which is practically free, I scored some killer kitchen art!

 I heart the design and totally heart the colors which go perfectly in our kitchen.

Boy, do I heart a good deal. Of course I can't figure out how to give you the link to the free printable through this post, but if you want this particular design let me know and I will email it to you. Otherwise, just type in 'free printables' at Pinterest and all kinds of cool art will pop up for, well, free!

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