Say Cheese!

Exciting news, we got a new camera. Remember me sayin' in my first weeks of blogging that I needed a new fancy SLR Camera? That didn't happen. Remember me sayin' when I got 100 Followers I was going to treat myself to a fancy SLR Camera? Well, that didn't happen.

The trick was to have a baby. Henry squirreled away some money and we treated ourselves to a new Nikon 3100 SLR.

We were sold on the Nikon Brand because Henry has good childhood memories of his family's Nikon and his Dad had a few lenses he was willing to give us. Yay! Whatever it takes, right? We researched the guts out of the Nikon Brand and decided the 3100 was the best camera for the best price. It has all the fancy features we wanted and is "easy for the novice to use." That's us!

So, here is to Oscar's Baby Book and blog photos!

P.S. Henry really wants a Hunting Bow. Maybe, he would be willing to carry our next baby!?

P.P.S. Tune in tomorrow for my Welcome Back to Me Give Away!

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  1. que bien tener un bebe implica una camara reflex nueva jejeej pues yo tengo dos hijos y no han caido pero te puedo asegurar que un 3º no habrá asi que seguire intentando pedir la camara en distintas ocasiones.Bss Josefa, desde España.