My New Stresser

I am not talking about something weighing on my mind. I am talking about my Street Dresser, get it? Street + Dresser = Stresser.

I have referred to the dresser my friend, Gina, and I found on the side of the road a few times now. It was pouring rain, we were both over 7 months pregnant and we honed in on this dresser that one of us had to have. 
Clearly, I claimed it, but not without giving her first shot. Her loss, her loss!
I have been planning on painting the stresser for a few months now, but could not find the time to sand and apply multiple coats of paint. My mom on the other hand, doesn't have an infant and loves a project...hmm, I am sure y'all know the saying about the apple and the tree!
Seriously, yay for my mom!

and yay for Henry, who is willing to move furniture around over and over again!
Reminders of Before...

Wait! What is a bedroom without curtains, I mean shades, I mean valances? Ooh, more to come!

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  1. I love the color and the find, it looks great in your developing bedroom. Awesome job Kay!!