Color Splash

Our long and narrow family room has been screaming for some attention. What better place to start than to give the 12x12 frames $6.32 of scrapbook paper attention. The subdued scrap art just wasn't measuring up next to the ABC rug in the television nest area...
The goal was to draw the areas together. Considering the built-ins are already sporting a shade of fresh tangerine, more color was definitely welcome.

Hello Color!
Spending a few bucks and taking a few moments to switch out the art made a huge difference.
Love. love. love.

Wondering about the lamp? If not, stop reading now.
Yep, those are my mom's legs, she is putting our new lamp together. She likes gettin' things done and I like how she rolls. 

We have left our family room in the dark for 10 months. The glow of the TV and a few migrating lamps has helped us get by. However, we have been keeping our eyes peeled for a reasonably priced lamp that we like, and targeted this one from...Target:) After a few months (a few months may seem like an excessive amount of time to decide, but time flies) of making sure we were sure we wanted to spend 70.00 on this particular light source, we brought it home. We love it and now we are going to get a matching one for the other side of the room. 

I want you to know, I am in a panic to finish this post and get to Target because it is college move in day. Later this afternoon Target will be buzzing with students loading their carts with mini coffee makers, plastic shelves, bed-in-a-bag and highlighters...before their parents leave town.

I am off...like a light bulb:)

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