It's Backwards Day

Oh yes, I will do what others tell me to do. If people are decorating with backward facing books, then I will decorate with backward facing books, and I will like it. 
Here is some backward book inspiration...
There is nothing practical about facing the titles of your books backwards. It is not easy to lend out a good read or allow others to peruse your titles. Turning your books backwards is all for show, which is fine by me.

All of these titles were just collecting dust and nobody in this house has ever reread a book anyway. After I finished stacking the books backwards I asked Henry, with a big satisfied smile, what he thought. He said "how can we find what we are looking for". I repeat, nobody in this house has ever reread a book. Later in the evening my friend, Gina, came over and I asked her, with a big satisfied smile, what she thought. She said "how will you find what you are looking for". I feel sad for these two. The backward book phenomenon is just passing them by.

Give it to me straight, what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think it's cute! I've had a small pile of backwards-facing books in my living room for a while now, and get compliments all the time. I do reread books, but I just chose ones I knew we wouldn't use again. Besides, it's not a big deal to look through them every now & again.