"Light Me Up"

That's what our dining room would say if it could talk.

My in-laws were recently in town from Oregon and for an afternoon of fun we hit up a few estate sales. Nothing screams fun like rummaging through someone else's junk. I purchased two old throw pillows to re-cover and...
I know, it's beautiful. Dina, Henry's step-mom, and I eyed this beauty up, tracked down an employee to make sure it worked and then left without buying it. The chandelier was filthy, it plugged into the wall and it was marked 175.00. All contributing factors to us abandoning the light. However, I did not leave without putting in a bid for 100.00, that's how much I thought it was worth. If the light did not sell then it goes to the highest bidder the following day at noon. You may have guessed by now, I was the highest bidder! We were meant to be together.

We went and picked up the light and of course I was dying to clean 'er up and get 'er hung. When I say I, I mean I was super excited and Dina cleaned 'er up and Henry got 'er hung. Who was it that talked who into white washing the fence? Huck Finn?..."it will be super fun to clean up the light and wire it from the celling!"

The original light was quite small for the space and was lacking in character, I thought...
Sure did shine up nice...

After our new chandelier was hung we took turns going outside and pretending we were strangers walking by and admiring how perfect the family must be that lives inside the house with such a grandiose and expensive chandelier...hehehe. Jokes on them. Oh wait, we were the strangers.
Here is the room all lit up for the bargain price of 100.00. Dina and I did some online research and discovered that similar chandeliers sell for nearly 2000.00. You can imagine the high fives happening up here that night.
The light sparked my desire to paint the room, extend the table, recover the chairs, buy a rug, make a window treatment...you get the point.

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