Time Sensitive Thank You Notes

Getting married? Having a baby? Getting a truck load of gifts from all of your super generous friends? 

The generosity of our friends and family started way before Oscar was born showering our new family member with toys and books and clothes and hand me downs and hand made blankets and all the necessities we would need to get us off on the right foot. I wanted to make sure every one of those people knows how grateful we are for all the gifts and love. So, in preparation for Oscar's arrival I put Thank You Notes on my list...

Before Baby Arrives
get eyebrows waxed
take Stella to the groomer
finish gallery wall
thank you notes

I printed a postcard size design I created in Microsoft Publisher, cut out the cards with a scissor and stamped the envelopes with our address. Time isn't gettin' in the way of us letting you know how grateful we are even though we are up to our elbows in snuggles and baby talk.

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