I took Oscar on his first home improvement errand to buy paint for our Master Bedroom. He was a super big help...he slept the whole time:) The paint has been purchased...and applied. Oh boy, I can't wait to share. However, in an effort to get out the door for Oscar's first wedding celebration, I will bust out the results next week. (This is a cruel attempt to make sure you all come back again.)

In the mean time, a plan has been formulated, which is a big fat deal for me, and there is promise for progress.

Fabrics and Bedding and Accessories, oh my...
A quick reminder of  the before...

and proof that the walls have been transformed...
Well, not exactly proof, but it's clear something is going on here.

Until next week, cheers!

P.S. The Devon Rae Sawyer Giveaway Winner is Amy! Hooray, you are so lucky.

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