Baby Baby Ooh!

No Bieber Fever in the house, but we do have a new baby in the family. I waited 4 hours after I got the phone call that Valerie, my sister, was in labor to pack up the car and make the trip to see Oscar's new cousin, Victoria.
On the way to St. Cloud, I came to the realization that Oscar is no longer the baby. Where did this year go and what happened to our baby?
Oscar's Cousin Caraline. Thought bubble: "Crap!"
It didn't take her long to warm up.
We are looking forward to getting to know this little peanut and Oscar looks forward to protecting her from her bossy big sister, who told Oscar, while in the throws of teething to "stop with the attitude." Good luck Victoria, good luck!


  1. Sisters are special. Love the pictures!

  2. So great to see some pictures, love the one of Val and the girls! Hugs to everyone <3

  3. yay, so sweet! was she a little early? so excited for you all! rest up while you can, valerie...