Fabrics for the Family Room

The room off the kitchen that once looked like this...
Currently looks like this...
We comment daily (well, I do) about what a good idea it was to change the rooms around (which was actually my friend, Janette's idea. Now we can see this mess from the kitchen instead of our dining table which functions mostly as a junk collector, until now, of course.
See those pillows? Focus. Eyes off the cute boys.
I am going to tie those suckers into the room decor with some of these sweet fabrics...
and there might be some poms poms involved (and I am not talking about the Rah-Rah kind). The fabric is by Blake Riley from the Fly a Kite Collection and it has been ordered. Now I am on the hunt for a sweet blanket. The cookie monster blanket is much better suited for the dreary months, plus it's a cheerio trap. Time to grease up my sewing machine. 

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