Cart it to the Back

When we moved into our house, 18 months ago, the gals I work with bought me this old grocery cart.
They are the sweetest!

I have been rolling it around our house ever since. It has stored table linens, blankets, toys, miscellaneous crap, etc. etc. etc. This weekend I found the perfect home for our grocery cart.
I figure grocery carts spend a lot of time in those cart corrals, so I think it will weather nicely.
Plus, Henry said "that is the best use you have found for this cart so far."
We spend a lot of time in our backyard talking about all the possibilities. Can you imagine a twisty slide coming down from the top deck? Do you think that's safe? We are also patiently  waiting for our neighbor to sell his house, because he said I can have his wicker furniture!! Yay! Fingers crossed there is a SOLD sign up when I get home.

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