Give Me A Break!

A summer break that is! Like Vicki would say from the Real Housewives of the OC, "WooHoo!" I have volunteered to go from a 12 month to a 10 month appointment at work. Clearly, I'm a team player.

This is officially my second day of summer vacation and Oscar and I have just been hanging around. We go on walks, pester Stella, eat and nap and pester Stella!

Only after kicking of the weekend with a family gathering that we plan each summer in lieu of Christmas gifts.

This year we spent the weekend at Uncle Casey's. Oscar's Cousin Layla is far too big to pester.
 Oscar's first winery visit, a success.

and as always, the rest of the photos are with Oscar's best pal, his Cousin Caraline.

Caraline is nearly 3 and Oscar is just one month short of 1- who cares if they wear the same size pajamas! 
They dropped Oscar's new teether, I mean Caraline's lipstick, the wine cork.
I swear there were more family members present, but these little pumpkins always steal the show!

Happy Summer Break- to me!

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