A big step for the Lovely's

We have one really big step in the front of our house. I was convinced it was to prevent intruders. Once those burglars trip up our steps they would be so embarrassed they would turn and run the other way!? Our home inspector assured me that the step had actually sunk. Whatevs!
Fixing this problem was on the top of our Henry's priority list because it is the gateway into our house; our guests first impression. I agreed, but there is no chance I am hauling bricks around. I prefer to hang frames and spray paint our furniture...or spruce up our front door!
We did a little bartering with our friend Chris. We helped him with a project and he is helping us by tackling our big step.
The guys tell me the plan is to add a layer of bricks to the bottom step and build a 4th step.
The first obstacle- concrete pavers. Thoughts below "Uh, I think we need a jackhammer." "Yeah! Yeah! Let's get a jackhammer!" Scratch scratch belch belch.
No hesitation.

Alright, they needed the jackhammer.
Materials for our new step. Looks like a man's job to me.
This is how the steps look right now. Sorry Mr. Mail Carrier. Good thing we are willing to squeeze out every bit of energy Chris has before the snow flies.
Anything for our guests!

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