Look up...another header

I didn't realize how attached people get to seeing a familiar look to a web page that they like to frequent...in this case my blog:) I just changed up my header a few weeks ago because I was so I excited that I figured out how to make a header.
Since I thought my last header was a little too Halloweenie...I changed it-again. Just like that. Didn't think twice about it. I quickly learned that not everyone thinks changing it up is quite as nice(throat clear...Kathy). She prefers I leave it alone so she knows she is in the right place. I guess my adorable bedroom decor isn't enough for her?!

So, I am curious. What do you all think about changing the header. Does it bother you? Do you even notice? Do you think the header makes the blog? Could you care less?

Check mark away...

Just curious about blog header expectations. Is it all in the header?

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  1. Thank you soooo much for my star packet!! I crafted it the day I received it in the mail and have already had several compliments on it. :)