Happy Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was oh so special thanks to my best guys and my best gals. Since I am the girl behind the camera, I didn't get a lot of shots of all the happenings, but I am happy to narrate how the day went down.

Since it was a Sunday we all slept in, well Stella and I slept in. We got up got ready and my friend Amanda showed up to watch Oscar. I had 3 hours to do whatever I wanted. What did I want? Lunch and to tackle my list of errands! So, Henry and I mapped out a plan and made things happen. We made 4 big box store stops and spent an hour gazing into each other's eyes over a fried food lunch. Loved my time on the town and love my girl, A-dog.

The rest of the afternoon we chilled and I opened my gifts from the fella. Henry gave me a picture collage he created and...ready...jeggings! Yup, I am wearing them right now. Believe it, I am hip! Just ask me:) Oscar gave me the gift of taking a nice long nap and Stella gave me some good quality Shitzu Snuggles.

Since it was Sunday, we took Oscar's weekly photo- holding a doughnut to celebrate his mamma's B-day. I love doughnuts almost as much as I love Os...triches!?
OK, this photo is Oscar's real gift. If that's not the sweetest thing you have ever seen...?

and all 18 weeks...

After a day of chillaxin' a couple more gfriends came over with pizza, wine and cookie dough ice cream cake. Put some pointy shoes on me because I feel as lucky as a leprechaun to have such lovely friends and fellas in my life.

Good Times!


  1. Oscar is such a good baby! I'm glad you and Henry had some good time together even if it was a bit chaotic:)

  2. What a cutie pie! love all the cloth diapers!