Dayquil and Decorating

We have returned from our Turkey Day Extravaganza in Athens, NY. Oh yes, Oscar did get his wings and you will have to believe me because Oscar's parents forgot their camera! Some blogger I am!?

We had a lovely time with family and new friends and window shopping for junk. The only thing I brought home was a bug. Boo...I blame the germ infested airport...and my coworker Lucas, who came to work sick last week!

Considering, I have an immune system of a rock star , I am going to sleep off the germs today and be back in full swing tomorrow. mark. my. words. Now that Thanksgiving is over we have Christmas decorating to do/finish. We tried to pull off a magical Christmas Tree last night, before exhaustion set in...

Martha Stewart: Is that a fake tree?
Nikki: Yes
Martha Stewart (eyebrows furrowed): Why?
Nikki: It was free, easy and long lasting. When Oscar is older we will do the whole chopping a tree to the ground bit.
 So perfect looking. The tree that is.
 Effortless...my mom had already put it together, thanks Mom!
 Baby's first fake tree. Fakelalalala-lalalala.
 Our Christmas Miracles...

 Nothing a little Dayquil can't handle.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product! And I don't judge your artificial tree...at least you won't forget to water it ;) Love the lovely-bird wreath too.