Couponing for a Duvet Cover

Since the start of our master bedroom transformation I knew that I pulled the trigger a little fast when I purchased a duvet cover in February. It is nice but limiting to try and decorate around. So, I broke it to Henry that we needed to buy a different duvet cover. He made me cross my heart hope to die and stick a needle in my eye if I buy another duvet cover in our lifetime. I agreed. Seriously, like I would stick a needle in my eye. 

I found this at West Elm...
Ooh, organic and matelasse (who knows what that means) and on CLEARANCE! I really like the texture and the neutral color for more decoration flexibility. I like to buy the king size for our queen size nest to avoid the shallow sheet and blanket mess...and it was still only 49.99! A real steal. We couldn't afford not to get it. So, I committed to this duvet cover as my last duvet purchase in my lifetime. When I got to the check out page the total price was not 49.99, with shipping and tax the total price came out to be $61.96. Still a fair price for organic and matelasse?!?! But  I was really jazzed for the 49.99 find. SO...I googled 'West Elm Coupons' and wham I found a discount code for an additional 15% off clearance items.

I happily entered my credit card number for the 54.46 total. That is a fair price for our new duvet cover to be delivered to our doorstep! Wahoo!

It is super soft and and thankfully I love it because buyer beware, you can't return items that end with .99. 


  1. i looooove west elm! if i was that girl who had a baby at wal-mart, i so would have picked west elm instead.

  2. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-matelass-fabric.htm


  3. You really pimped that bedroom up nicely! LOVE IT