Party Time!

Our little Stella turned 4 on Saturday. Considering Stella has been 2nd fiddle since her brother was born, we turned it up big time for her special day.

We started off the day right with a pancake breakfast.

 Oscar loves his sister!
After breakfast we all put our sneakers on and went on a long leash free hike.
 Stella is a spunky little Shitzu when she gets in the woods. That's right girl, go crazy, it's your Birthday!
Next stop...Petco. Stella sniffed around every aisle, got plenty of attention and made out with an assortment of treats from the Puppy Buffet.
After a long nap we ended the day with a pizza party! She doesn't get her own plate, promise, but she sure does get her fair share of pepperoni and crust.
Only 363 days until her next Birthday!

Wait, it's Halloween? I didn't even realize...


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  1. Happy Birthday, Stella!! I love that there's somebody else out there who makes such a big deal out of the dog's birthday =)

    Oh, and Oscar is stinkin cute as usual.