Closet Light...Ribbon Chandelier

The place I work is pretty relaxed about our attire. Thank goodness because up until a week ago I was getting dressed in the dark.
My closet came equipped with a light socket, but screw in a bulb and nothin'! So, every time I went into the closet I made some snarky comment like "I sure wish I could see which jeans still fit me." Like it? What do you get when you couple the lack of lighting issue with the post pregnancy weight issue? 
Oh, that Henry is so handy! 
Turns out we needed a new socket, so 3.00 later....Let there be light! It was that easy, right Henry?
Henry agreed to move fixing the closet light to the top of his priority list. However, he was not so agreeable when I mentioned I wanted to buy a chandelier for my closet. So, I made a ribbon chandelier. I am pretty agreeable myself and am able to recognize when I am being a little ridiculous, right Henry?
 Materials: Ribbon and Embroidery Hoop. Total Cost: 8.00
 Tape cut pieces of ribbon on the inside hoop.
We hung the final product to the screws that hold the socket together.
That's better. Now, I bet my coworkers are wondering why I am wearing my old prom dresses to work.

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