Budget Friendly Cornice Board

Update: I have made significant changes to this room and posted more on the cornice boards. Check it out!

Did I just teach some of you a new term, Cornice Board? (Mom, I know you know what a Cornice Board is.) Are you wondering what a Cornice Board is? Well, my mom and I whipped these up and I didn't even know what it was called until I asked a wise gal in my office. 

Just another method to cover up the custom blinds on all of our windows, which you can read more about here. Most Cornice Boards are custom made out of wood...but as you could probably guess, these are not. These Cornice Boards are made out of Styrofoam!  Most Cornice Boards cost hundreds and are a feat to hang because of the weight...but not these. Light as a feather and only 17.00 per window, including the fabric.
I bought three 8 foot sheets of Styrofoam for 4.00 each from HD and 4 yards of fabric for 10.00 a yard. 

Here are the steps to create your own Cornice Board 
1. Measure your window from edge to edge and cut your Styrofoam that length.
2. Cut two edges that will jet out from the wall, mine are 6 inches deep. 
3. Attach the side pieces on the ends with glue (I used Gorilla) and stuck long nails through both pieces to act as tacks.
4. Let the glue dry
5. Pin on the fabric

Hanging the Styrofoam Cornice Board: It took a while to figure out how we were going to hang them from the wall and here is the simple solution that Henry's Dad came up with...
Henry cut boards the height that we wanted them to sit up off the window and glued and clamped the boards onto the corners of the Cornice Board. When the glue was dry we just set them on top of our window frames. No holes in the walls or crazy contraptions.

Check out a couple of before and afters (also, check out the super patient baby blogger)...

The colorful Cornice Boards are just what the room needed to cheer up the naked windows, ooh, how embarrassing:)


  1. Just when I think your house can't get any cuter... I can't believe your budget for this project, either.

  2. Where did you buy 8 foot sheets of styrofoam???