Best Dressed

While I am gaga over my homemade curtains, the other window in our bedroom also wanted a little attention. Do you think it is weird that I give inanimate objects emotions? Don't answer that. Seriously.

I didn't want to make the same curtains for both windows because there is a radiator below the other window and I am not a fan of shorty curtains.
So, while sitting up in the middle of the night with Oscar, which is when I do my best mental decorating. I decided to tie the windows together with a navy and white painted board above the window.
I already had the board. In it's former life it was a shelf above the doorway in our condo. I spray painted it white and taped on a pattern with blue tape.
I scribbled in the sections I was planning on painting. Y'all know about my careless ways, I didn't want to accidentally paint the wrong section.

Here is the finished product, after I took a little sandpaper to it.

This free project is just what the window needed to keep up with the other window. Yep, our inanimate windows are competing for best dressed.
Pay no attention to the baby on the bed...Oscar's first words might be "just a minute buddy, momma needs to blog".
You may notice the accessories are different from pic to pic (hint: first the fan and now the bucket of lavender.) I do that to keep you visually engaged!?

Attention Please...Tomorrow is The Lovely Residence's 1st Birthday. Wahoo! Make sure you come visit 'cause you can bet there will be party favors! Invite your friends, the more the merrier. No gifts please (but if you need my address let me know;)

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