12 Weeks of Cuteness

12 weeks! 12 weeks of spending every second with my little man and my little dog and the day has come to go back to work. The good news is we all walked to work together and Miss Kaitlin, their sitter, picked them up and brought them home. We love Kaitlin and I love that he they get to be at home. The bad news is they are at home without me.
Here is Oscar's 12 week collage. 
He flashed me a big smile yesterday to cheer me up!

Are you sitting there in shock that time flew by so fast or how stinkin' cute this little guy is? 


  1. Great pics! It's amazing how much he's grown in such a short amount of time. I hope you are making it through the transition okay. It sounds like Oscar and Stella are in good hands =)

    PS - I think the company that makes those little diaper covers should use this as an advertisement!

  2. Love week number12 photo! I think I see some lint between his toes in week number 10...time for Auntie Gina to do some grooming before H's family arrives tomorrow!