Falloween Mantel

New season, new mantel decor. Or new holiday, new mantel decor. Or who could get sick of new mantel decor?
Happy Falloween!
Too crazy would be honing in on just the holiday. I diversified with some fall and Halloween decor for staying power. This mantel consists of a little somethin' from the yard, a little somethin' from the pumpkin patch, a couple of ears of corn, and a couple of somethin's from the dollar store!
You know it...that big spider and the web only cost me 2 Washingtons! Aside from the foul Dollar Store smell and the questionable cans of green beans in the food aisle, there are always a couple of things that I walk out of the store with feeling gitty about.

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  1. Falloween - what a great word! I'm adding that one to my personal dictionary!