Dressing the Bedroom Windows, Part III

I did it, I took the time this weekend to make new bedroom curtains. You might remember the original attempt  in Dressing the Bedroom Windows, Part I, turning out to be something that belonged in an ice cream parlor. Here is a shot of our new panels that I whipped up.
When I say whipped up what I really mean is..I cut the strips of white and navy, seen here.
The tape measurer was just a prop, because I didn't measure very well and the original version of the curtains weren't long enough to touch the floor. Okay, I am still not being completely honest...part of the curtains touched the floor. Can you say "crooked"? So, when my mother in-law was in town last week I sent her to the fabric store to get another yard. Thank goodness for the support team! Well, yesterday I anxiously cut the new strips for the bottoms of the curtains...crap...I cut them the wrong way. Now, they would be long enough, but not wide enough. I suck at being careful. So, I spent time making the final product longer and narrower. Now, all is as it should be.
I ended up spending 30.00 on the fabric (such a bargain!) and lots of wasted hours. But, I love the big fat horizontal navy blue and white stripes! This is the look I was aiming for in the first place and they look great with the faux roman shades from Dressing the Bedroom Windows, Part II.

A little visual stroll down the Bedroom Window Lane...

Bedroom Curtains. Check!

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