Auntie Tootsie!

The Lovely Residence was full of good energy and laughter this weekend! My gfriends were in town, my college roomies.
These gals are the cream in my coffee kind of friends. You know, like the see you at your best and worst, wake up together, eat all your meals together, share a bathroom together, cry after break ups and stalk your love interests together kind of friends. They met me at a time when my hair was at it's frizziest and I consistently made questionable decisions, they celebrated my wedding day with me and now they are all Aunties to Baby Lovely.  

They rolled in late Friday night and we chatted and giggled until late and woke up to this...
After a pancake breakfast we sent Kat (Auntie Tootsie) outside to shovel so we could get the car out to go to the local brewery, where we spent all afternoon chatting and giggling.
 Auntie Kate, me, Auntie Stephanie
Auntie Kristina, Auntie Tara, Auntie Tootsie

After lunch we went home, chatted, giggled and ordered pizza from a local pizza place. Yes, my belly is hanging over my jeans.

We chatted and giggled until bed and then it was Sunday.

Oscar was feeling a little lonely this morning. He misses all the snuggles and commotion almost as much as I do. (well, mostly he just misses his Auntie Tootsie;)


  1. Auntie Tootsie misses Oscar too!! Love you guys! Let me know next time you need me to shovel or be the baby whisperer;)

  2. Looks so fun! (and makes me excited to plan BFF 6!) I love the B&W picture - looks like Oscar has antlers =)