Lighting Issues

I bought a new light, for 10.00... which is not the issue... that I want to put it in the entryway. Which means I need help putting the entryway light in the bathroom and the bathroom light in my closet and because we have made some other big changes (more on that at a later date) I need the bedroom light to move to the dining room and the dining room light to our bedroom. The plan isn't the issue either. The issue is with my disgruntled employee- apparently moving lights around isn't as quick of a job that I apparently think it is. So, as usual, I whined a little (which no boss should have to do) and, as usual, my employee got things done in a timely manner. 

Here is a picture of the switch that sparked it all...
It really does make more sense that the nautical light goes in the bathroom and replaced with a $10.00 gold chandelier, what a steal...
I mean $10.00 aqua blue chandelier, what a steal!!
I hung this rare/cheap find in the garage and stuck rolled up phone book pages around the candles, who uses the phone book anyway?
3.00 worth of aqua blue paint later. So sweet.
Speaking of employees, there are two of them now, sitting around gawking at me while I work.
Let's take a vote. Who thinks the new light calls for a striped beachy rug?
(Dash and Albert Photo) 
I am sure my employees will have an opinion about this too.


  1. When I saw the gold light and the text that said "replacement light" I said to myself, "Ewwwwww...gold. Nikki cannot be serious." I should have known that it wasn't finished. I absolutely love your new blue light. It is adorable. You and your can of spray paint continue to amaze me.

    PS: It looks great to see Oscar enjoying the exer-saucer! Ava would be proud.

    1. Oscar LOVES the exer-saucer...especially the mirror:)

  2. Yes the beachy rug would be cute. Maybe wavy striped?

  3. I just read your other blog that shows your new, blue chandelier, and striped rug. Truly reminds me of the beach. To keep it neat, clean your chandelier using any of these methods: a) dry method – using microfiber cloths and glass cleaner, or b) wet method – plastic sheeting and a chandelier cleaner. Make sure the light bulbs are off and cool before beginning, ok?

    Cody Stephens