Clear Direction thanks to Dali Decals

Enough about my friends and family. Blah blah blah. I was just short on home improvement material.

I have been doing some behind the scenes work with Dali Decals to make me some custom decals. I would dress Oscar in decal clothing if it was culturally acceptable. I received my decals in the mail on Friday. That's right, plural! Dali Decals sent me 3 decals to spruce up our pad. 

Remember the arrow I painted in our hallway? You know, the arrow I painted with my new improved measuring skills?
I liked it before and now, oooh love...
I had this big plan of cutting out paper letters, taping them on the wall, tracing them, taping off the outline and then painting them. Ugh! I gave Dali the font, thanks to my friend Teri, and the size and stuck the letters to the wall in less than 5 mins. No paper, tape, pencil, outlining or paint. Done! Clean lines and all.
Wait, there is more. Can you even imagine, what other decal I am going to clutter this teeny tiny back hallway with. Notice the brass light in the pic above? Notice the missing brass light in the pic below?
I gathered up all the boob lights in the house and gave them a 6.00 updated look. Good news for the fam, it's warm enough to spray paint outside! What you see below is the primer coat.
 Feast your eyes on the updated boob light and yet another decal! I just can't get enough.
Again, I used my measuring talents, so handy! Centered the compass rose decal, made sure it was rubbed on well and slowly peeled off the paper. I added the letters later to make it easier to manage the decal. 
There is no getting lost at the Lovely's. {Hi Stella!}
I am still working on my third decal project to share, but you can bet it's all I think about. While you are waiting for the big reveal, head over to Dali Decals to jazz up your place or baby...
Naturally, I put my practice Four Leaf Clover Decal on Oscar, and he is obviously thrilled. The opportunities are endless!

For 5% off, use the code: TLR5Off 

Can you stand it, my own discount code! Big (or small) decal plans?


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  1. Is that TRUE north, Nikki? LOVE IT!

  2. Very cool idea!
    -Erin Spain

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  4. My plan for when I got home for R&R was to immediately destroy all the boob lights in my house. Now I want my directional decal.....NOW!!!! Argh argh!! It is so cute I just cant stand it!!!! I just bought THREE decals, I was so excited that I did so without the code, but that is ok, my fauly .I cant wait to get home and "install" these! THANK YOU!

    1. My goodness, thank you for your message! I would love to see the finished product!