Farewell Papa

If you were following along with  the series 'Oscar and Papa Rule the House.' You may be wondering what they have been up to, so I am going to fill you in. First, I thought you should know that Papa went back to Oregon early. Turns out I was too bossy. Okay, that is obviously a joke:) Michael headed back to take care of some medical concerns and more importantly snuggle with Oscar's Nana Dina!

Catch up with Oscar and Papa's adventures here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

But there was a bit more fun to be had before Papa left.

Oscar and Papa Rule the House: Day 6
All the guys crafted! Can you stand it? I love crafting! Aren't those the cutest little tootsies you ever did see? 
The guys made a pile of homemade post cards with Oscar's cute little body parts. Well, mostly his cute little feet because putting the postcard within reach posed a problem (see upper right photo). Such a proud mama!

Later in the day Oscar and Papa worked together to change Papa's ticket to leave the next morning. A nerd in the making...

The Last Day Oscar and Papa Rule the House
Just hanging out, until next time! 

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  1. Nikki and Henry, Thank you for sharing these "lovely" photos and stories. What great memories to have!!! Always loved that red hair!! Sue Yeoman