I love it when bloggers host giveaways so, 'Tis the Season...

2 burlap pillows with garage sale pillow guts!

The Giveaway low down:
1. Anyone can win!
2. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog letting me know where you would throw your new pillows!
3. I will ship them, even to Alaska!
4. Bonus Entry: Become a follower and let me know by leaving an additional comment
5. Winner will be randomly picked and announced first thing 12/17


  1. omg, i loooove your pillows! i should take a picture of the one we have on a chair in our living room...i think of you everytime i sit there :)

  2. Seeing that I have become your blog stalker, what a better thing than
    owning my very own Lovely Residence crafted pillow. They are adorable! Where would I put it? I think the pillow would cozy up purple side up on my bed or burlap side up on my living room chair.

  3. Okay so I have put A LOT of thought into this... If I were to win the pillows I would put them on the bed in my spare bedroom ONLY until I find my very own residence to call home; then I would put them in my new porch that you would get to design!!! You are way better than I am at that stuff.

  4. I am already an advid follower, do I still get an extra entry?

  5. I'd put them in me newly acquired porch! These pillows would look simply lovely there! Parker would enjoy perching on them to look out the windows and bark at passersby!

    i'm already following :)